brian laundrie garden video flower bed


Brian Laundrie./A TikTok video showing drone footage claims to show a hand in the flower bed of his parents’ garden.

Web sleuths continue to pick apart the Gabby Petito case and manhunt for Brian Laundrie. The latest bizarre claim in the search for Laundrie stems from a TikTok video showing drone footage of his parents in their garden. Some claim they can see a hand in the flower bed. Read on to watch the videos.

Many commenters on the viral video were quick to point out the flaws in the logic, but others said they were convinced. The theory that Laundrie is hiding in a bunker in his parents’ yard is just one of many of the bizarre claims in the case that captured the public and Internet sleuths alike. Another claim from web sleuths said they believed Petito was pregnant based on images some claimed showed a discarded sonogram posted in a viral…