This 4K drone with GPS tracking and a host of flight features is now on sale for under $70

TLDR: Between stellar flight abilities and its 4K camera, this Pro GPS Drone checks all the boxes for both novice and experienced drone pilots.

As the drone market has expanded and exploded over the past few years, actually going out and buying a drone hasn’t really gotten any easier. With so many models flooding store shelves, it’s become some real homework for consumers deciding which one is right for their specific drone needs.

There’s also been some built-in resistance to low-priced drones, fearing they’re just inherently lower quality than their more expensive counterparts. A low price should be a feature, not a bug — and this 4K Dual Camera Pro GPS Drone ($69.95, 74 percent off, from TNW Deals) makes an effective case for holding out for premium drone abilities without sacrificing your wallet to do it.

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