One Battlefield 2042 player has discovered that you can use your grappling hook to hook onto a drone.

The Battlefield 2042 open beta is currently ongoing and, as you’d expect, players are using it to figure out some cool tricks that will hopefully translate into the final release.

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One such trick comes from YouTuber DooM49, who released a video titled, “What if you grapple hook to a drone in Battlefield 2042”. The video shows exactly that, with DooM49 shouting in glee at the realisation that grapple hooks can actually hook onto a drone mid-flight.

The video starts by showing DooM49 hooking onto the drone from a very short height. Even when it’s barely off the ground, DooM49 is able to hook onto it and use it as a very small slingshot. After this, the players try hooking onto the drone from much…