Kuker-Ranken stage drone tech roadshow

Industrial services and equipment supplier Kuker-Ranken has decided to promote the efficiency and cost reduction attractions of drone-based technologies in a novel way: by teaming up with aircraft and application partners for an educational drone tech roadshow to demonstrate the power of mapping, surveying, maintenance, and other tools in the sky.

Operating a chain of stores across the western US, Kuker-Ranken has provided architectural, engineering, construction, and energy surveying equipment and services since 1928. In recent years it has added drone and onboard tech from DJI, Autel, Microdrones, Emlid, and Leica-Geosystems to its offer. Now the company is taking that gear and representatives from sector companies on a roadshow to demonstrate the wide-ranging and effective solutions drone tech products offer – and provide participants with direct routes to that equipment. 

The free admission events will be staged in Las Vegas NV, St. George UT, Salt…