The Skyward team has completely refreshed the InFlight mobile app from the ground up. Skyward’s airspace management and flight planning app now features a brand-new design and comes with a color-coded “stoplight” system that warns drone pilots about serious, moderate, or low-level concerns.

Thanks to a redesigned bottom navigation bar, Skyward InFlight is now organized into three tabs — Home, Map, and Flight. Here’s what each tab does:

The Home tab sorts your operations in a calendar view and provides preflight information for an upcoming mission at a glance. You can also plan operation details, request LAANC access to controlled airspace, and create automated flights from this tab.

The Map tab is where you will find airspace and 3D ground intelligence to check airspace permissions, create new operations, and plan flight areas.

And then there is the Flight tab that offers a complete ground control station (GCS) for select drones, including…