After spending the last couple of months to acquire a $9 million stake in a European drone manufacturing firm and buying out an AI-based software company for an undisclosed sum, Aquiline Drones has quietly laid off nearly half of its workforce.

September 30 was the last working day for 33 of Aquiline Drones’ employees. Of these, 13 were let go from the manufacturing floor while another 20 staff members were removed from their roles in customer service and sales departments.

Now, 42 full-time employees remain in the company’s workforce.

Barry Alexander, CEO, Aquiline Drones, explained his decision in an email to local news outlet Hartford Courant:

Our country is currently in a manufacturing crisis. As I write, there is a record-breaking number of delayed cargo ships not being able to bring supplies and goods into their respective ports, which has affected to American manufacturing supply chain across the board, Aquiline Drones included.