Though this year’s Burning Man festival was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic (as was last year’s) and forced to go virtual, that didn’t stop the creative endeavors of those who wanted to celebrate. Enter the Renegade Man festival: an unofficial gathering of revelers looking to party in the Nevada desert. Though not a planned, scheduled event, Renegade still drew around 15,000 people, many with a mind to celebrate creativity through art and music.

Studio Drift's stunning

Studio Drift’s stunning

And Studio Drift was no exception. The Amsterdam-based art studio is well-known for its immersive installations that incorporate performance art, experiential sculptures, and kinetic, technical works that “[bring] people, space, and nature on to the same frequency.” The avant garde studio created three spectacular drone shows at the unofficial festival, specifically designed to bring the Burning Man experience to the masses.

Dubbed “Drone Stories,” the shape-shifting light installations formed a…