Interpol tests international counter-drone systems

Interpol took its global police cooperation mission to the skies during a three-day series of tests at Oslo’s Gardermoen airport, part of its effort to develop a set of international counter-drone systems that member countries can draw from to protect restricted zones from small craft intrusions.

Interpol and Norwegian police organized what they said were the largest international trials of counter-drone systems in a live, normally operating airport environment. The three days of tests took place at the end of September, and were attended by law enforcement, academic, and industry experts from Europe, Israel, and the US. The ambitious program staged 2,025 different flights on uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) using a wide array of detection, identification, tracking, and neutralization technologies. 

The objective, Interpol says, is to pool assets and knowledge that will provide member states with the information and means of assuring the security of restricted…