Drone delivery company Wing recently celebrated 100,000 deliveries with an unusual burst of media fanfare. Australia is at the forefront of Wing’s plans, with the company’s two biggest trial sites running in Canberra and Logan in Queensland.


  • Michael Richardson

    Senior Research Fellow, UNSW

  • Jake Goldenfein

    Senior Lecturer, The University of Melbourne

  • Thao Phan

    Research Fellow, Monash University

Wing tells a simple story of barista coffee and roast chooks dropped on your driveway at a moment’s notice. Short on Vegemite for the kids’ brekky? Hop on the app, order, and a drone will lower a new jar to your doorstep before the toast is cool. All quick, contactless, and COVID-safe.

But the real story is much more complex. Drone delivery at scale will transform the skies, change expectations for speedy delivery, and hide the labour that makes it possible.

Owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Wing has huge resources. New drone…


Source: www.miragenews.com