drone banner adsDrone Banner Ads are Taking Marketing to a Higher Level…Literally

By: Dawn Zoldi

San Diego-based PromoDrone has modernized the concept of the bi-plane flying overhead with an advertising banner. It uses drones for flying marketing campaigns.

Founded by Jamar Williams, a Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot in Command and self-acclaimed creator and communicator, PromoDrone was born from his belief that aerial drone technology would captivate everyday people by grabbing their attention.

“The fundamental mission at PromoDrone is to create a more connected and memorable experience through stimulating, engaging, and interacting with audience viewers,” Williams explained. “Our win-win-win approach to operations ensures our users, partners, and stakeholders all benefit from the vast experiences that PromoDrone can deliver.” He mused, “On top of this, we also get to experience joy from the smiles and excitement in the eyes of people who get to witness the banner drone in…


Source: dronelife.com