Drone captures lava from Spain’s La Palma volcano crashing into ocean

Spain’s La Palma island is expanding. As the red-hot lava from the volcano that erupted on the island on September 19 reached the Atlantic Ocean this week, it triggered plumes of white steam. The molten rock cooled rapidly on coming into contact with the water, binding itself to the cliffside, enlarging the island’s territory. A drone captured the historic moment.

By the end of Wednesday, the surface of La Palma island had increased by 338 hectares (835 acres), courtesy of a D-shaped tongue of molten rock that has formed on the island’s western shore. But now, there are fears that parts of the shoreline could collapse, triggering explosions.

Authorities were also worried that the lava meeting the Atlantic would produce clouds of toxic gases which can cause skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritation. However, the wind direction has been cooperating, so thankfully the air inland is okay to breathe as of now.

Drone video shows lava from La Palma volcano…