To simplify drone operations for its enterprise customers, Autel has launched a new flight-control platform. Called the SkyCommand Center, the platform allows remote operators to schedule missions and manage tasks for their drones through a computer or mobile device. They can also monitor live video in real time and access the recorded flight data at their convenience.

Autel SkyCommand Center features

  • Mission Planning: Plan routes and assign missions
  • Real-time Transmission: View video feed and flight data remotely in real time
  • Remote Control: Control the drone, camera angle, zoom, and other parameters remotely
  • Data Storage: Save and manage flight mission settings, flight logs, and other data.
  • Role Management: Create teams and assign roles such as administrator or pilot
  • Authority Management: Distribute operation permissions based on assigned roles
  • Aircraft Management: Check usage time and maintenance progress for each aircraft and battery to ensure replacements are done…