Autel has quietly announced an autonomous drone charging station for the EVO II series, EVO II RTK series, and the new EVO II Enterprise series. The EVO Nest enables Autel’s industrial drones to land, take off, and carry out consecutive missions without any human intervention.

Designed for easy outdoor deployment

The drone charging station is equipped with a retractable canopy, a glass-fiber charging board, and a built-in air conditioning system. Autel says the small and lightweight charging station has been designed in a manner that makes transportation and deployment fuss-free.

The device comes with an IP54 rating, which means you can use it in harsh outdoor conditions too – from substations to rooftops. Further, the EVO Nest provides a status display for each individual component of its modular system, which makes it easy to diagnose problems remotely.

Autel EVO Nest charging time

The unit fully recharges an Autel EVO II drone in about 45 minutes….