Drones and quadcopters can make for fun toys and hours of enjoyment, but they can also serve a practical purpose, too. More and more photographers and videographers are adding them to their gear. Why? Because they can capture aerial footage in a way that standard cameras and ladders cannot.

Not only are these quadcopters getting more impressive, they’re also getting less expensive with each generation. Take the EXO X7 Ranger 4K Dynamic Camera Drone, for instance, which features a 4K camera which provides a bird’s eye view of the world in a pint-sized design. And right now you can buy one on sale for just $278, a savings of 14% off the retail price.

EXO X7 Ranger 4K Dynamic Camera Drone Features

  • Safety auto return. With built-in GPS location, Ranger knows its exact take-off point
  • Dual camera. More dynamic range, brighter colors, & a soft look
  • Amazing camera control. 120° camera tilt lets you shoot different aerial shots
  • 720p Live-Feed. With an HD instant live feed, your…


Source: www.androidguys.com