Drone maker Autel Robotics took a big step into DJI territory by releasing two new consumer drones, each with two camera variations; the EVO Lite+ and Lite models, and the EVO Nano+ and Nano micro-drones.

Announced over-night, the EVO Lite and EVO Nano Series of drones exist only on the internet for now. Autel says they’ll be “available Fall 2021” so we’ll just have to wait and see. With production bottlenecks, chip shortages and supply issues it can’t be easy heading into production with a new product.  And you may remember that although the EVO II drone was showcase at CES2020 in January 2020, it wasn’t available for purchase until 4 months later.

Let’s hope the EVO Lite and Nano Series appear on retailer shelves faster than that.

We’ve been reporting on these new Autel drones for weeks, but now that they’re official let’s go over the specs, features and pricing:

EVO Lite Series

Price $1249 $1149
Sensor 1″ CMOS More…

Source: dronereviewsandnews.com