Parrot wants pro pilots to test its new ANAFI Ai drone

If you’re a professional drone pilot who routinely uses flying robots in complex environments, you would want to check out this Early Access Program being offered by Parrot. The drone maker is handing out the new ANAFI Ai drone for a loan period of two months to test users who can help the company to evaluate the machine’s 4G standards.

ANAFI Ai 4G drone Early Access Program

The European drone manufacturer is looking for professionals from inspection, construction, infrastructure, energy utilities, public safety, surveying, agriculture, and defense sectors to:

Inspect buildings with strong 4G connectivity during built-up urban missions. Map long distance electric power lines in 48 MP at 1fps. Quickly generate 3D models of a building just by clicking on its land register in the new FreeFlight 7 App. Create precise flight plans in complex environments thanks to a unique obstacle avoidance system. Benefit from the embedded Secure Element to protect sensitive…