Just as Autel was about to launch a suite of new drones, the Quickstart Guide and specs for the upcoming Mavic 3 drone mysteriously leaks onto social media.

The Mavic 3 rumors have been building for months, but now it’s pretty much official that the replacement for DJI’s flagship drone will be released in November.

So what’s new in the Mavic 3 drone?. Simply put, almost everything.

New dual camera. New angled postioning of vision sensors. New Smart Controller.

Jasper Ellens, the new king of leaked drone images, has been busy sharing a massive amount of Mavic 3 images over the last 24 hours. We don’t know where he’s picking these up, but we really have to tip our hat to the great detective work he has done.

Ellens posted screen shots of the Mavic 3 Cine manual showing almost all of the Mavic 3’s specs, and claims the Mavic 3 will start at $1600 and be launched mid-November.


Source: dronereviewsandnews.com