It had to happen. A photo has surfaced showing DJI’s forthcoming Mavic 3 Pro. You know you want to see it!

With every launch, there comes a time when DJI simply can’t control leaks. As a product gets closer and closer to official release, more and more people get their hands on either information – or the product itself. And when that happens, things start leaking.

A significant leak occurred today.

Photo of DJI Mavic 3 Pro flying

This one – no surprise here – comes from @OsitaLV, who has a tremendous track record of getting leaked drone information. He seems to have a particular inside track when it come to DJI. Today, he put up this post, which clearly shows the Mavic 3 (it’s going to be called that) doing its thing:

The first of many Mavic 3 pictures

Holding back confidential information at a big company can be likened to a dam holding back water. In the early stages, a relatively small team is involved – meaning not much…