WeRobotics, a not-for-profit that is democratizing drone technology through its brilliant Flying Labs network, is launching a new children’s picture book series to introduce kids to real-world examples of “drones for good.”

Creatively designed for young minds between the ages of 2 and 8, Ariel & Friends is a series of children’s books that will show readers how local experts are solving pressing issues through science, teamwork, and some really fancy flying machines.

The headline here is localization. Though there are a few entertaining picture books on drones, they tend to be Western-centric and available only in English. As such, non-Western kids find it hard to relate to the characters, stories, and settings found in these books. And that is something Flying Labs wants to change.

Patrick Meier, executive director at WeRobotics, explains:

Flying Labs are increasingly engaged in STEM & youth education. They wanted a way to engage younger…


Source: dronedj.com