No need for a drone rumor today, with the pending launch of 3 new Autel folding quadcopters!

Last year at this time drone giant DJI went on a product release binge that gave the month of October the nick-name ‘tech-tober’ for the ongoing amount of new products released from a range of large tech companies. Although the product launches started in September and lasted until November, industry types applied the ‘tech-tober’ moniker to the entire period.

DJI’s Tech-tober last year saw the release of the DJI Mini 2 drone and the updated DJI Pocket 2 handheld camera. The world was waiting for a Mavic 3 to replace the aging Mavic 2 Pro Series, but nothing materialized.

After some senior management additions and changes earlier this year, DJI’s most notable competitor is getting ready to lay claim to this year’s Teck-tober.

Autel Robotics, maker of the EVO and EVO II Series of drones stole a page from DJI’s pre-release playbook by innocently leaking a new fleet of…