The ERD allows rescue crews to rapidly deploy and gather high-definition video of an incident or rescue situation. The collected video intelligence is available immediately to rescue crews and shareable with experts on surface. 

“Rescue or recovery is a fundamental decision point for any emergency or mine rescue response team. The ERD is a specific drone solution to support a dramatically improved response while keeping rescue crews safe,” said SafeSight’s lead underground aviator Isaac Paul. 

The SafeScout-ERD meets these rescue fundamentals: 

● Small and light and fitting into a custom backpack, the ERD is an easy grab and go execution for Rescue crews who are already heavily loaded with response equipment. 

● Plug and play launch capability for quick and easy deployment. 

● Critical situation and logistical data can be gathered to support decision making at the incident and in collaboration with surface support. 

● Ease of use, hover capability minimizes…