Video shows ‘secret’ Autel EVO Lite and EVO Mini drones

Remember the leaked images from yesterday that revealed Autel Robotics may be working on a new sub-250-gram beginner’s drone? Well, there’s more where that came from. It appears that Autel is working on a bevy of new products – EVO III, EVO Lite, and EVO Mini. The latter two have been caught on video.

The video popped up on TikTok on September 15. It comes from the Nanshan district in Shenzhen, China – a place that’s home to around 80 drone manufacturers and is said to generate over $2.9 billion annually for China’s economy.

In the video, we see the Autel booth at an exhibition, where a representative is showing off various drones to a visitor. You see the Dragonfish VTOL drone and the various iterations of the EVO II series, including the newly introduced enterprise series, before the camera turns to a bunch of other, smaller drones hiding in plain sight.

At this point, the Autel official hastily asks the visitor to stop recording – which is a…