The tipsters at Autel Robotics are certainly keeping us busy. After a bunch of unannounced, consumer-focused Autel drones showed up on Chinese social media earlier this week, a new leak indicates that the EVO III may also be ready for release. Here are the deets…

The information comes from drone aficionado Jasper Ellens, who was also the first to share leaked images of Autel EVO Mini, a sub-250-gram beginner’s drone.

According to the leaked spec sheet, the EVO III will have a maximum flight time of 38-40 minutes and dual-band high-definition image transmission with up to 10 km flight range. The drone will offer omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and will also sport a dedicated fisheye lens.

Four different versions of Autel EVO III are expected to hit the market:

  • EVO III (basic) with 1-inch CMOS sensor
  • EVO III Pro with a 4/3-inch CMOS sensor
  • EVO III Zoom with 8K dual camera and 10x zoom
  • EVO III Supersense with 1.4-inch CMOS sensor

For the US version of…