Flying cars are coming to LA. But will they solve traffic?

Did you know The Future may be only a few short years away? Did you know that you might soon see actual flying cars in the skies over Los Angeles? And that the city has a goal to have tens of thousands of them zipping around?

In December, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office announced the creation of an Urban Air Mobility Partnership, a new public-private merger with Hyundai to get “low-noise, electric aircraft flying in our local airspace by 2023.” The partnership says it will be working through safety and infrastructure issues, including figuring out the logistics for a “vertiport” where these things can take off and land. 

A dreamy Hyundai promo features near-future travel in LA and San Francisco, with special attention to how bad car traffic is … and how you can rise above it. Video by CES 2020 Hyundai/YouTube. 

Garcetti is very bullish on flying cars, though it’s not clear whether the city’s dedication to…