UK Royal Navy wants a disaggregated fleet that de-couples combat punch from ship platforms

WASHINGTON — The U.K. Royal Navy wants a future fleet with its sensors and weapons disaggregated and its ships flexible enough to change missions as needed, as the service acknowledges that traditional technology superiority may not be possible in the coming decades.

Rear Adm. James Parkin, Director Develop of the Royal Navy, said the “Navy of the Next” will derive its operational advantage from a system-of-systems approach that nets together disaggregated sensors, thinkers and shooters in a way that creates more persistent effects and less vulnerability to attack.

With high-end state actors like China and Russia investing heavily in naval technology, Parkin said the Royal Navy needed to modernize its approach to naval power: traditional technological superiority is not feasible or affordable, so the Royal Navy needs to pivot from deterrence by punishment, or the threat of defeating another military outright, to a deterrence by denial, or the ability to sustain operations just…