Drone video catches humpback whale group feeding off Oz

A drone pilot has taken a rare and spectacular video of a giant pod of humpback whales feeding together off Australia’s New South Wales coast. Experts say the craft’s footage is tantamount to catching lightning in a bottle twice within a year – and in nearly the same place that was first accomplished.

A boat operated by ocean tour company Sapphire Coastal Adventures raced to the spot once the mega-pod had been spotted at work, and managed to record the spectacle. Accomplished still and drone photographer David Rogers captured the video of the humpback whales feeding all around. Sapphire Coastal owner and skipper Simon Miller said his boat would begin seriously rocking as creatures the size of city buses surged up and around, at times very nearby.

While astonishing in its own right, this week’s footage may also be critical in helping marine biology experts determine how whales may be altering their established habits in function of changing…