DJI celebrates new store opening with FPV drone video of longboard pro

How do you tell the world about expanding to a new location? Through advertisements in local media? By shooting out emails to relevant subscribers? Maybe you share some posts on social sites? Well, if you’re DJI, you get longboard world champ Jiny Kim to freewheel effortlessly into your new digs.

A member of the now-disbanded K-Pop girl group called GLAM, Jiny is a former breakdancer who served as the main rapper and dance talent for the group. After GLAM’s disbandment, Jiny left the music industry completely and decide to focus on her athletic talents instead.

Her seamless footwork and fluid moves atop a longboard – a longer and wider version of a skateboard – soon had her flowing artistically across the world. By 2019, Jiny had become skilled enough to bag the top spot at “So… You Can Longboard Dance?”— a renowned world championship for longboard dance and freestyle organized by the Netherlands-based Flow Provider foundation.

DJI South Korea…