BRINC Drones, DroneResponders partner in emergency support

Emergency and police aerial craft specialist BRINC Drones has announced its new partnership with leading public safety and crisis responder advocacy group DroneResponders. In its part of the sponsorship, BRINC says it will contribute thought leadership and technology demonstrations to educate and advance efficiency of emergency management.

BRINC Drones is a recent entry in the drone manufacturing world, but its honed focus makes it a natural match with DroneResponders. The company is the direct result of the effect the 2017 Mandalay Bay shooting massacre had on 17-year old Las Vegas resident Blake Resnick. Aghast at the death and injury inflicted by a shooter police struggled to locate, Resnick began a three-year marathon of quizzing local authorities for ways tech might be developed in responding to and solving a variety of life-and-death emergencies. 

Though the enterprising adolescent met some skepticism from crisis-tested experts, by 2021 he had founded…