Skydio Video Series First Responders

Skydio video seriesIf you’ve ever wondered exactly how drones get used during a public safety mission, the new Skydio video series is worth watching.  In Episode 1, The Fire, a 3-minute video explains exactly how and in what situations a Skydio drone is deployed by first responders: showing the outputs, explaining the sensors used, and describing the use by various stakeholders.  Through the story of a chemical fire, the short film provides real world context for drone technology in public safety.

Skydio’s autonomous drones offer a unique tool for first responders, lowering the cognitive load required to fly less autonomous platforms – a critical advantage in a crisis.  In the last few years, U.S.-based Skydio has joined the First Responder and public safety community: as a DRONERESPONDERS partner and corporate sponsor, and through their partnership with Axon, a top provider of technology for law enforcement.

Skydio’s been working hard to get the word out about their autonomous platforms,…