Exclusive DroneDJ interview with Brendan Schulman

DroneDJ sat down with Brendan Schulman for an exclusive interview during the weekend. The conversation took place between his departure from DJI and his start at Boston Dynamics – and explores his personal perspectives on the industry he’s been an integral part of for nearly a decade. Brendan was generous with his time, answering a long series of questions that provide insight into his accomplishments – along with some seasoned observations about the sector at large. We’re proud to present this exclusive interview with a person who can rightfully be called an industry legend.

Before we get into this, if you haven’t yet read the news about Brendan’s departure from DJI, you can find that story here. It should also be pointed out that these are Brendan’s personal views, and not those of his former (or new) employer.

With that out of the way, let’s get into this. We’ll tell you in advance this is a long read, but a very worthwhile one for anyone…