DRONERESPONDERS sponsor, SWAT team drones, BRINC drones, LemurBRINC Drones, makers of the purpose-built LEMUR series for SWAT team missions, has joined the nation’s leading education and advocacy group for the use of drones in first response, DRONERESPONDERS.

A relatively new player in the drone industry, US-based BRINC has made a big impact in the first responder community.  They’re delivering the LEMUR to SWAT teams around the world, and introducing a very tactical tool designed to keep both first responders and suspects safe.

DRONERESPONDERS’ mission is “to unite these new aerial first responders, emergency managers, and search and rescue specialists under a unified organization to help learn, train, and test with one another with the ultimate objective of maximizing drone operations for public safety.” As a part of their efforts to support and educate the public safety community in using drones, the non-profit has established a set of guiding principles for drone use,  The “5 C’s” are principles that BRINC’s…