CELINA — A Mercer County company that manufactured shelters used by the military to house large vehicles and aircraft is now manufacturing shelters to house drones in Eastern Europe.

Large Area Maintenance Shelter (LAMS) manufactured by Serena has been used by the military for many years to house large vehicles and aircraft. The structure of the drone required a new design.

The contractor needed a shelter wide enough to accommodate the wingspan of the UAV. This required a reengineering of Serena’s existing LAMS. The final shelter design was 83 feet wide, thinner than the profile required for traditional aircraft.

“Selina is honored to support such an important security mission for the United States and its allies. Serena’s president, Jeff Greeshop, said in a press release:

A Serena LAMS drone shelter is shown with a fully open door.

Mercer County company creates shelter for U.S. government drones

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