French police may use drone video versus reckless motorcyclists

French legislators are preparing legislation allowing police to use drone video to crack down on the growing and at times deadly phenomenon of reckless motorcycle rallies in public areas. 

Occasionally deadly youth trend continues to spread

A pair of conservative parliamentarians are readying the law to battle what’s known in France as “rodéos urbains.” Those involve a number of youths racing, doing wheelies, or otherwise performing riding stunts that are not only dangerous on their own, but especially risky to unaware passersby in the city settings where they usually occur. This summer alone, two people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time were killed by drivers who lost control of their bikes. With current methods of fighting the widening youth fad largely failing, politicians want to permit police to use drone video to arrest participants in reckless motorcycle events.

Despite a 2018 law passed specifically to outlaw and punish…