Stephen Colbert’s Late Show welcomed back its first live audience in 15 months this week, marking the occasion with a snazzy opening sequence shot by a drone at New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theater where the show is recorded.

Footage created using first-person-view (FPV) setups in which the drone operator uses a real-time video feed delivered to a headset has been gaining in popularity, with mainstream broadcasters and even Hollywood getting interested in hiring the best pilots. Such drone kits usually use specially built flying machines that are faster and more versatile than regular consumer drones.

Late Show senior producer Jake Plunkett and art director Andro Buneta came up with the main plan for the fly-through before handling responsibility for the shoot to New York-based CineRigs.

“The biggest obstacle we faced was getting everything we wanted into a 30-to-40-second box,” Plunkett told Variety, which got an advanced look at the new opening sequence.

The final…