US Navy deploys drone-repelling defense system across its fleet

In response to the rising and broadening threat of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) used as offensive weapons by enemy forces, the US Navy is adapting a drone-repelling system initially developed for ground vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan for use on its ships.

Anti-UAV tech developed for Iraq and Iran takes to the seas

Produced by defense group Northrop Grumman, the Drone Restricted Access Using Known Electromagnetic Warfare system – DRAKE for short ­– is being distributed to US Navy ships for repelling protection against possible UAV attacks. The units emit a range of both high- and low-frequency signals that disrupt the communication operations of approaching aerial craft. That essentially cuts the drones off from whomever is at the controls, depriving them of commands to continue toward the targeting US vessel. It can also scramble the brains of autonomous vehicles.

“It projects basically like an umbrella, so when the drone flies in, this will just…