New B4UFLY allows individual drone pilot location mapping

Leading uncrewed aerial vehicle ((UAV) flight management service provider Aloft has given its airspace awareness application a major update. Now, users of the B4UFLY app can anonymously provide basic information – particularly location – about their drone flights to other pilots in the world’s increasingly crowded airspaces

B4UFLY’s situational awareness extends to individual drone pilot location

Aloft says it has added the Notify & Fly function to its popular B4UFLY app, allowing drone pilots to inform each other about their flight locations. By agreeing to do so, operators can anonymously enhance awareness of craft in operation for everyone sharing the same airspace, and thereby lower risks of potential collisions. The new capacity extends B4FLY’s existing feature providing all significant information and restrictions in spots where pilots are preparing for or flying missions.

In the new version, B4UFLY still locates users on a map, and provides…