Zipline Medical Drone Delivery Commercial UAV Expo

Zipline medical Zipline in Nigeria Covid-19 vaccines by drone“Our mission is to provide health access to all humans on the planet,” says Zipline medical drone delivery’s Conor French.

It’s a bold statement, but at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, French made the point that medical drone delivery democratizes access to supplies all around the world.

“There are many communities that lack access to vital supplies,” says French, pointing out that lack of road infrastructure, limited supply, or perishability all contribute to difficulties in fair distribution of medical supplies like the blood products, vaccine supplies, and more that Zipline delivers across countries in Africa today.  “These disparities have very real health and societal costs, and we developed Zipline to help solve those problems.”

Zipline isn’t only working in developing countries: this year the company begins trials in the U.S.  Anywhere that Zipline and drone delivery operate, says French, there is the opportunity to expand distribution without…