Confirming the suspicions raised by DJI’s recent FCC filings, the company has gone ahead and released the new OM 5 smartphone gimbal with a built-in 215mm extension rod. The latest addition to the popular Osmo Mobile series comes with an upgraded phone clamp and new software features that enable effortless content creation.

The DJI OM 5 smartphone stabilizer is ideal for video blogging and taking photos and selfies on the go. The new gimbal is smaller and lighter than any of its predecessors. It’s capable of better subject tracking. And to give a boost to first-time users, it comes with a brand new ShotGuides feature.

ShotGuides give you access to 30 pre-set shooting tutorials and one-click editing, which means you get pro-looking videos the first time around.

Portability: the biggest selling point

Palm-sized when folded, DJI OM 5 features a newly designed clamp that goes over the smartphone’s case for better protection. And with the gimbal getting a…