By Author: by Kris Osborn, Warrior Maven, Security Television Network

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    September 6, 2021 (Security Television Network) — Autonomy driven by AI does bring a range of new technical, tactical and strategic implicationsWhat if an armed, artificial-intelligence-enabled attack drone detects an enemy fighter jet, uses long-range sensors to confirm the target before attacking with a precision-guided air-to-air missile?

What if an unmanned fighter or advanced drone, operated with various levels of advanced AI-informed algorithms, engaged in fast air-to-air combat maneuvers in a direct dogfight or close-in engagement with a manned enemy fighter?

These questions, which raise substantial tactical, strategic and command and control questions, are fast becoming a near-term reality.

“Autonomous systems going up against a manned system in some kind of air-to-air engagement . . . is a bold idea,” Lt. Gen. “Jack” Shanahan,…