After a resident complained about a drone being used to harass others in his neighborhood, the city of Hamilton in Ohio is considering bringing out legislation against drone voyeurism.

According to the complaints filed with Hamilton City Council, a local guy is said to have used his drone to peer inside windows, fly over children playing in yards, and even chase a young woman down the street.

When the complainant went to the police, he was told that nothing could be done because “there were no laws on the books.”

Drone voyeurism a recurring issue

Hamilton City Manager Joshua Smith, who wants to implement a city-wide law against drone voyeurism pronto, tells:

I’ve heard it from at least five other people in the last two to three years that this is an issue.

And so, the proposed law will aim to make it illegal to use drones “to invade the privacy of another’s home, office, enclosed space or the private space of another.” In the same vein,…