GuardianUTM, a cloud platform by UTM (unified traffic management) technology provider Altitude Angel, will be now be integrated into a not-for-profit search and rescue (SAR) solutions management system, SarStuff.

SarStuff is a purpose-built planning and tasking tool predominantly being used by SAR teams. But as more and more first responders start to embrace drones for life-saving operations, the cloud-based system is increasingly being adopted by police forces and fire departments as well. As such, the demand for accurate, up-to-date airspace data has also increased among SarStuff planners.

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SarStuff says it will be incorporating the GuardianUTM platform into its planning module so that it can negate the need to use third-party mobile apps to carry out airspace checks – a process that the UK-based company feels is slow, cumbersome, and unreliable

SarStuff explains that…