Ingenuity recently completed its 13th flight on Mars. Mars helicopter campaign extended from the initially planned 5 flights and is now serving as a valuable tool to assist with route planning for the Perseverance rover.

Ingenuity has completed 4 flights since we last covered the helicopter.

Flights 10-12

For flight 10, Ingenuity traveled to 10 distinct waypoints at 40 feet high. During the flight, it traveled sideways to gather stereo images of the Jezero Crater. For flight 11, the primary goal was to move the helicopter in position ahead of the Perseverance rover to allow it to scout ahead for a good path. Flight 12 of Ingenuity was a risky one. The helicopter flew over very rough terrain that poses potential risks to its navigation system. Ingenuity took photos of South Seitah to determine what locations would be worth exploration by Perseverance rover.

Image taken from Ingenuity during 12th flight. Credit: NASA

13th flight of Ingenuity

Flight 13…