drones for 9-1-1 responsePaladin Autonomous Drones for 9-1-1 Response

By Jim Magill

Every second counts whenever a police department or a fire station receives a 9-1-1 call. Yet, first responders often waste precious time discerning the extent and even the exact location of an emergency situation before having to send resources out to deal with that situation.

Paladin Drones, a small, Houston-based start-up software and drone manufacturing company is offering a solution that dispatches an autonomously operated drone that can fly to the disaster scene in a matter of seconds. Once on the scene, the unmanned aerial vehicle can transmit overhead images of the scene back to a command center and the first responders en-route to the site – all without the need for intervention by a human pilot.

The company recently announced the release of its proprietary Knighthawk drone and its Watchtower software package, which when taken together can offer first responders an “eye in the sky” view of emergency sites.

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Source: dronelife.com