If you’re an NFL fan, you couldn’t have missed the FPV drone tours that Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins recently took us on, showing off their state-of-the-art practice facilities. Well, the social media team at PGA Tour HQ saw those videos and said: Hold my beer.

And boy, did they deliver! A drone fly-through video released Sunday gives a bird hawk’s-eye view of the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, with the machine swooping in and out of all the action happening at the season-ending Tour Championship.

We’re talking entering through the front door, zig-zagging through plush rooms, buzzing up the stairs, navigating tight corridors leading up to the locker room, exiting through a window and back in to interrupt an interview, and finally speeding up to take us to a finale that you wouldn’t believe until you see it.

Take a look, and tell us if that’s some skilled drone flying or what:

Drone fly-throughs are here to stay

We’ve said it…


Source: dronedj.com