Police in Canada use drone to bust driver doing double the speed limit

The police in a suburban community of Canada are leading a new effort to crack down on dangerous driving with the help of drones. And having an eye in the sky is already showing results. Last week, the police in the City of Delta nabbed a speedster driving at 157 km/h in an 80 km/h zone.

The decision to use drones comes in response to an issue that concerned residents have brought up with the Delta Police Department on a number of occasions: speed racing. Apparently, local daredevils have found favorite spots to put pedal to the metal – the Tsawwassen First Nation lands and the area of Highway 17.

As Acting Sgt. Grayson Smith, head of the Delta Police Traffic Section, explains:

The drone allows our officers to have fantastic visibility over a wide area, as well as zoom in on offender’s license plates. Instead of trying to pull over these drivers going at high speeds, the drone operator follows them, and officers who are strategically placed can make these…