Fimi X8 Mini review | Stuff

If you happen to lose track of the X8 Mini (and not because it’s in a sad pile at the foot of a telegraph pole), real-time GPS tracking means it still knows exactly where it is. Just tap the return-to-home button in the app or on the controller and it’ll automatically come back to its take-off point.

The GPS also helps it to hover in place and not get pushed off by the wind. It has enough motor power to withstand a ‘level 5’ breeze of about 8.5-10.5m/s according to its makers, and I found it quite stable in blustery coastal conditions.

The rechargeable battery (which can be topped up using a USB-C cable, so no need for an external AC charger) provides up to 31 minutes of flight time, which is a tiny bit longer than the DJI Mini 2. As with DJI drones, the app gives you an alert a few minutes before it runs flat, ensuring you have plenty of time to get the drone back to you and landed before the power dies.

The app itself is quite a bit simpler than DJI’s, but that’s not…