Drone captures dramatic mountain cliff rescue of walkers in total darkness

A police drone has captured the dramatic rescue of four men who had become cragfast (stuck on a rock face and unable to ascend or descend) on dangerous ground on Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.

The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team received word Wednesday that a group of four walkers had become trapped on a perilous section of the mountain while trying to return to the car park. Since it was already dark, the emergency rescue service called on North Wales Police’s drone unit to help rescue the walkers.

The drone unit used a DJI industrial craft equipped with a 10,200 lumen LED spotlight to illuminate the cliff while the mountain rescue volunteers abseiled down to the stuck walkers to help lower them to safety. The entire action was caught on the drone camera:

Meanwhile, the Snowdonia Society, a member-based conservation charity that helps look after the mountain, has raised an alarm that Snowdon was being blighted by footpath erosion, littering, and…