Australia pairing drones, AI for faster, accurate wildlife counts

Experts knew wildfires that charred huge swaths of Australia in recent years killed hundreds of millions of animals, yet none had a firm idea of just how many died – or survived. Now an effort is underway to use drones backed up by artificial intelligence (AI) to make a more complete accounting of the nation’s wildlife.

Drones linked to AI computing hub will provide faster, more accurate wildlife population counts

A new network is being created around Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) computing hub linking drones to IA platforms, thereby permitting a more thorough census of regional wildlife than can be achieved manually. The plan is to fly uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) equipped with infrared sensors to detect various life forms, which will then be identified by IA programs and machine learning capacities that expand the catalogue of recognized species as flights continue over time. 

The program will be tested in the Noosa Heads area south of…