AI tech on hydrogen drones enhance construction site tracking

Automated construction analytics company AI Clearing is teaming up with South Korean hydrogen-powered drone specialist Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) to offer longer, more efficient work site tracking services for clients. The partners believe their strengthened joint offer comes at just the right time, especially with the US gearing up for massive infrastructure renovation.

Hydrogen drone power plus tracking tech to improve construction site tracking

The global link-up between the two companies seeks to leverage AI Clearing’s fully automated construction site tracking analysis technology with the long-endurance, sustainable power of DMI’s hydrogen drones. Maximum flight time of those craft exceeds two hours, which is anywhere from triple to quadruple those of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) using lithium-ion polymer batteries. Meanwhile, hydrogen cells on DMI drones can be replaced in under three minutes, limiting downtime when craft do need to land for…