Wow. No shortage of news this week. And we’ll be diving in to discuss the highlights and take your questions on our weekly live DroneDJ panel.

We had to bump our regular Wednesday slot by one day this week. But hey – that just means there’s more news to discuss. And that includes a couple of fairly bizarre incidents truly worthy of discussion.

This is a live panel, so we encourage you to join our panel and drop some questions in chat.

Where can I watch DroneDJ’s live panel?

Good question. You can tune in live at 10 a.m. ET on September 2 at the link below. Or, if that time doesn’t work for you, tune in later for the replay. Senior Editor Ishveena Singh won’t be making it today, but I’ll be joined by Senior Editor Bruce Crumley and regular panelist and DroneDJ contributor Yifei Zhao.

Tune in here:

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